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Whispering Widows goes on tour.

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Last year I created a short piece named Whispering Widows, it had premiere in October. After the second performances Cristina Bellia (one of the dancers in the piece) said lets go with this piece to Portugal, people there would love it!

It is so nice to dream, dream big. I believe all dreams come true, sometimes after a few years some times not even one year has to pass and it is already happening!

And this is the case of Whispering Widows going to Portugal. I don't know how many mails, chats, voice messages, calls where made for this to happen. But it was all worth it. Now we are going full into the adventure.

For me it is the first time I am doing a full evening dance piece, and it is the first time I am doing a mini tour with a work of mine, and even though I had my times where I said better not to because it is all just happening all to fast, now I am so happy that we are going. Not all of the cast will be there, and in the last performance I will have to cover for Alicia Varela (an other dancer in the piece). Also Jojo (light designer) will just set up the lights but won't be there to run the show. But hey there was this teacher in Palucca who always said "no risk, no fun" Im not sure if she really meant it but I keep it in mind every time Im in a extraordinary situation. And Whispering Widows in Portugal sure will be!


This was Whispering Widows in Portugal, and what better way to describe it than with Images.

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