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"The Universe wants you to be happy." That's what my mom told me when I was a child, and today those words mean the world to me. No matter how big the challenge, I always remind myself that my mom was right - the Universe wants me to be happy. Moreover, when I am happy, the Universe vibrates with happiness together with me.

Thanks to my mom, I have always had a sense that life is for growth. No matter how deep or hard I might fall, I always stand up and continue moving forward. It was not until I met Tara Pilling from Diamond Mind Consulting that I discovered that self-development is a whole industry, supporting millions of people to thrive and live a well-balanced, fulfilled life by studying and understanding the mind.

Tara introduced me to the work of the late Bob Proctor, by whom she has been personally mentored. She then offered me the opportunity to enroll in the transformational leadership program 'Thinking into Results.' When I started the program, I became fascinated by the powerful knowledge I had in my hands.

I have always been grateful for my mom's encouragement to dedicate my life to what I love. Her unconditional support enabled me to become a professional dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher. Now, with Tara Pilling's guidance and the 'Thinking Into Results' community, I know that by doing what I love, I can live an abundant and wealthy life in all senses (physically, spiritually, and mentally). It is by doing what we love and sharing it with the world that we enrich ourselves and everyone around us.

What about you? Are you spending your days doing what you love? Are you living the abundant, prosperous life that is your birthright? If the answer to any or all of the above questions is no, feel free to reach out. If you are living the good life but are hungry for more, reach out as well. I know I can help you too.

The day I reached out to my mentor Tara Pilling, I thought life was good. Oh, I can tell you from experience, it is so much better now. And with every day of gained awareness, I know it will get better and better.

I've said to Tara on some occasions, 'Thinking Into Results' is like getting into a sports car and driving at 300 km/hr with your hands firmly on the wheel, a very clear goal ahead, joy, and calmness of mind.

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