Site specific performances


Orientalische Rhythmen treffen mexikanischen Tanz

by Obeid Alyousef (Oud) & Yamile Navarro (dance).

This proyect was part of the "ICH+DU=WIR" performances.

Photo: Andreas Kittelmann

2019 | Art Gallery, Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz

Who are you looking at?

by Parisia Mousavi & Yamile Navarro (dance & text), Gabor Halász (music & text).

This performance was made for and shown at the “SHOW-Fenster” organised by the Societaetstheater Dresden.

2021 | Hauptstraße Dresden

Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 19.50.25.png

XX Schaubudensommer - Midnight Show.

with A+A, Jule Oeft, & Yamile Navarro (dance), Daniel Williams (live music), & Falk Dittrich (light).

A super spontaneous, site specific improvisation for one of the nine midnight shows during the XX Schaubudensommer Festival in Dresden.

2017 | Balletstudio Espiral